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IMG_5080I finally took the plunge. I jumped off the cliff of security and decided to start my own business. Taking this leap of faith was not an easy decision. Not only do I have two boys to support, I also had been with a successful company for almost 15 years. I had job security and great benefits.  I also had almost 5 weeks of paid vacation! What was I thinking?

So I started the great shift of starting the business in my home. I felt empowered. I had adrenaline pumping through my veins. Yes, I could do this! I can take on anything. Then came my first obstacle. What was I going to name my company?

UMMMM. I had no idea. The comments from the peanut gallery didn’t help.

“But aren’t you in marketing?”

“I thought you were creative?”

Every time I came up with a fabulous name, it had already been taken. After two weeks and hundreds of scribbled and scratched out ideas, I choose 2Suns. Then came the actual logo. I think I took more time on this than I did with my last two complete marketing campaigns.

The computer equipment was delivered and installed. My son called me from college to see how it was going.

“Great! Did I mention I took over your bedroom for the time being, for my office?”

I preach to my customers about their brand message and make sure they know who they when start their marketing messaging. There is nothing worse than a company who promises one thing but the experience and delivery is something completely different. So now is the time for me to listen to my own sermon.

What is 2Suns Brand promise? How will we embrace it? What is our desired client experience?

The water may be a little murky, but as I continue to take deep breathes and dive back under, I know it will be become clear and the sun will shine my way to the surface.